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U.S. Social Forum

Bringing the fight for Economic Human Rights to Detroit and Beyond

This past June, The Women’s Economic Agenda Project (WEAP) joined more than 20,000 organizers, educators, visionaries, working and poor people from across the nation and world at the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit. Modeled after the World Social Forum, this was the second U.S. Social Forum (USSF) to convene and came at a critical time as our nation faces a growing economic, social and ecological crisis. WEAP played an integral role in the planning and deliberations of The U.S Social Forum along with other grassroots groups from the most oppressed and marginalized communities across the US.  The planning process focused on developing a unified approach to building the people’s solutions and to strategize for systemic transformation. The Social Forum provided the venue for hundreds of groups fighting for multiple issues to engage in dialogue and learn from each other’s struggles while also aligning with our international brothers and sisters to reclaim our world.


Truth Commissions

WEAP’s May 15th, 2008 Truth Commission & Public Hearing on Health Care held at Oakland’s St. Mary’s Center was a success!  We give special thanks to all of you who poured out your hearts to make it work: the co-sponsors, endorsers, volunteers, and participants. For more information, read our 2008 Truth Commission Summary or watch Part I and Part II of WEAP’s Truth Commission Video on You Tube!

Dr. Sal Sandoval speaking during the teach-in component of the May 2008 Oakland Truth Commission.
Credit: Austin Long-Scott

WHAT ARE TRUTH COMMISSIONS?Truth Commissions are designed to expose the truth when powerful forces would rather keep it hidden.  They allow masses of poor people who are normally ignored, silenced, and made invisible to speak out and be seen and heard.  There are more Truth Commissions than you might think.  Perhaps the best known is South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, set up in the mid-1990s to reveal the true agonies of Apartheid.  At least 17 countries have used them to help different groups coexist after years of conflict.  Today, they are seen as integral to the peace and healing process of most international conflicts.

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