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The “Building Our Vision” Series

On The Morning Mix – KPFA 94.1  FM
Series Host: Adrienne Lauby and Virali Gokaldas

Part 1 – Building Our Vision: Education for the 99%

Listen – Click here – Part 1 Aired May 28, 2012 – 8:00 a.m.

Shamako Noble from the Hip Hop Congress and Ethel Long-Scott of Women’s Economic Agenda Project (WEAP), based in Oakland, California. Discussion about what could be positive for workers, employed and unemployed, poor folks in our new technology-based economy.

Part 2  – Building Our Vision: Poverty, Jobs and Immigration (starts at 34:04)

Listen – Click here – Part 2 Aired June 4, 2012 – 8:00 a.m.

Gloria Sandoval of Journey of Justice based in the Central Valley and Ethel Long-Scott of Women’s Economic Agenda Project (WEAP), based in Oakland, California. Discussion of immigration laws impacting immigrants, citizens and legal residents alike, and how technology and robotics are replacing human labor. Sandoval shares the new call to reduce the work day to ensure full employment with a viable living based on the demand for labor in the growing techno-centered economy. Information about the US courts of Women held in May.

Part 3 – Building Our Vision: Foreclosures, Homelessness and Property Rights(starts at 28:45)

Listen – Click here – Part 3 Aired June 11, 2012 – 8:00 a.m.

Part 4 – ELS & DeAnn McEwen, Co Pres. of Calif Nurses Assoc/National Nurse Union

Listen – Click here – Part 4 Aired June 18, 2012- 8:00 a.m.

Janice Carolina, fair housing coordinator at Legal Aid Society in Santa Clara County and Ethel Long-Scott

Discussion of the loss of property to foreclosures in the Silicon Valley, criminalization of the poor, and the measures to help families and seniors stay safe and in their homes. The movement for a Main Street tax on Wall Street deals can be directed to keep people in their homes. Work is needed worldwide to return countries to the people. Alternatives to foreclosure,  evictions, abandoned homes that benefit investors, while homeless numbers are high.

WEAP Executive Director Ethel Long-Scott also joined Conversations host Boona Cheema, social justice activist and BOSS Executive Director, to discuss the historical and present day economic inequity that exists and grassroots solutions to help solve them.

Your Call with radio show features a conversation with WEAP Executive Director Ethel Long-Scott and Professor Cornell West, answering how poverty is changing the US and what effect strategies are needed to fight poverty at its roots. You can find the complete radio show HERE.

Fighting for Our Freedom Tour stops in Oakland, Sept. 27-October 1, 2011 and features:Dorothy Pinkney and her husband Rev. Pinkney, who is President of the Benton Harbor NAACP and has been singled out for political attack because of his years of outspoken criticism of the takeover of his local City government by the Whirlpool Corporation. The Pinkneys, special guests for WEAP’s Teach-In & Dialogue on September 27th, recently conducted this interview in which they discussed their own work and its relation to WEAP. You can listen to the entire radio program here.

The tragedy of the Oscar Grant BART shooting and the subsequent trial incited a great deal of fervor and introspection. On July 13, Executive Director Ethel Long-Scott spoke to the causes and consequences of the case on KPFK’s Beautiful Struggle.

WEAP was cited for an article on the MENDing Poverty Conference on June 16. You can find the piece here.

In honor of May Day, WEAP ally and member of CHAM Deliverance Ministry Sandy Perry interviewed Cesar Juarez, a leading organize for San Jose’s May 1st “March for America.”

Executive Director Ethel Long-Scott was asked to contribute an article, “Why the new health insurance law is so short sighted” concerning the recent health care legislation to KALW’s ‘Crosscurrent.’

Immediately following the passage of the health care insurance reform law, WEAP was sought out for comment on our perspective. On March 23rd, Executive Director Ethel Long-Scott appeared on KPFK’s Beautiful Struggle to share her thoughts on the new law and its implications.

On March 1st, Executive Director Ethel Long-Scott joined Don Peck, Managing Editor of the Atlantic Monthly Magazine, on KALW Radio’s Your Talk to discuss the effects of long-term unemployment. You can find the discussion here.

The National Radio Project, on February 15th, held an on-air discussion with WEAP Associate Director Annie Flores. Titled ‘Redefining Human Rights: The Case for Food, Health Care and Housing,’ this round table discussion covered rights as they are seen in the US as they relate to good, health care, and housing. Other guests included Max Rameau, founder of Take Back the Land, and Sheren D’Souza, Director of the California Food and Justice Coalition. You can find the entire radio program here.

On November 30th, Ethel Long-Scott once again joined Your Call San Francisco Bay Area Public Radio, discussing whether or not the budget crisis in California is creating a movement for fundamental change. She is joined by Blondell Rice, a San Francisco home care worker, and Reuben Caneda, a UC Berkeley student. You can find the description of the radio show here.

On October 19th, Ethel Long-Scott joined the hosts of Your Call San Francisco Bay Area Public Radio to discuss the future of public housing and the economic crisis. Fellow guests include Tiffany Gardner, the director of the Human Right to Housing Program at the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative, and Robbie Clark, organizer with Just Cause Oakland. A description of the radio show can be found here.

KPFK Los Angeles radio show “Beautiful Struggle” recently invited Ethel Long-Scott to participate in an October 13th interview about health care reform, Obama’s current progress, and the future of single-payer health care for all. Beautiful Struggle aims to educate and motivate the audience to work for justice and social change.  It consists of illuminating interviews with scholars, activists, youth, artists, and numerous other community voices.

In response to Obama’s health reform speech to Congress, Black Commentator interviewed Executive Director Ethel Long-Scott, amongst others, on Sempember 10th. This collection of audio analysis can be found here.

On May 21, WEAP’s Ethel Long-Scott appeared on a public affairs program on Free Radio Santa Cruz to discuss how single payer, universal health care could help solve both the economic and health care crises.

Building a Health Justice Movement,” by Nicole Martin from WEAP’s IJES, Rochester Indymedia, May 12, 2009.

“Ethel Long-Scott to Give UCSC Talk on Health Care as a Human Right,” a Sentinel Staff Report, Santa Cruz Sentinel, May 12, 2009.

WEAP recently took a mini-tour of Rochester, New York, in which WEAP’s Executive Director, Ethel Long-Scott, spoke on two local radio stations about poverty elimination and health justice from a local and national perspective.  You can listen to both here, which originally aired on April 21st and April 22nd respectively: the WDKX radio’s “Wake Up Club”and WXXI radio’s “1370 Connection with Bob Smith”.

On March 8, 2009, WEAP’s Ethel Long-Scott joined feminist historian Ruth Rosen, environmental activist Terry Tempest Williams, and reproductive health advisor Thilde Knudsen as guests on KPFA’s “Sunday Sedition- International Women’s Day Special” with host Andrea Lewis.  Listen to the show here.

Also on January 8, WEAP Executive Director Ethel Long-Scott appeared on “Make it Plain” as part of Black Commentator Day on Sirius radio talking about Single Payer Health Care and how it relates to poverty elimination and the current economic crisis.  Listen to the show here.

In an on-going series on Single-Payer Health Care, the Black Commentator included an article by Ethel Long-Scott. Originally published January 8, 2009, you can find Universal Single-Payer Not-For-Profit Health Care for All: A Step Toward Eliminating Poverty here.

Los Angeles’ KPFK Pacifica Radio featured WEAP Executive Director Ethel Long-Scott, along with representatives from SEIU and the California Nurses Association, on their “Beautiful Struggle” program to discuss community organizing in the time of Obama.

Unleashing the Potential,” by Ethel Long-Scott from WEAP, 8th Day Center for Justice’s Centerings, Winter 2008 (page 8).

WEAP Executive Director, Ethel Long-Scott, spoke in support of SEIU and working people at the Oakland City Council meeting on September 30, 2008.  Click here to view Long-Scott and hundreds of union members speaking out against proposed cuts to city services and city service jobs on ABC channel 7’s television coverage of this event.

Outside the Convention: Truth Testimony, Violence, Rudeness and Inconvenience,” by Charles Hallman, Twin Cities: Daily Planet, September 11, 2008.

On Uprising, a popular daily radio program produced by KPFK Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles, WEAP Executive Director Ethel Long-Scott was a featured guest “Dissecting Obama’s Historic Speech” on August 29, 2008.  Listen to the show here.  Earlier in the year, Long-Scott also wrote an editorial, “Justice- It’s in the Details”, on Obama’s Race Speech in the Black Commentator, which you can read here (Note: This article does not necessarily represent WEAP’s perspective).

On July 23rd, WEAP Executive Director, Ethel Long-Scott, appeared on KQED’s “Forum with Michael Krasney”, along with congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and Rutgers University’s Eileen Applebaum, in order to talk about a recent congressional report that shows difficult economic times are forcing women out of the workplace.  You can listen to the show by clicking here.  A few days later on July 29th, Ethel appeared on San Francisco’s KALW’s “Your Call” to discuss this same report.

On July 7th, WEAP’s Nicole Martin and STRONG’s Jael Myrick appeared on Berkeley’s KPFA 94.1’s “About Health” show with host Joy Moore to promote WEAP’s July 16th Dialogue and Teach-In on “Health Care: A Human Right” and to talk about health care as an economic issue.  You can listen to the show here.  It is an hour long show, in which WEAP is represented in the second half.  To skip easily to the second half of the show, simply try the two ‘other ways to listen’ offered.

In mid-May, WEAP Executive Director Ethel Long-Scott was a featured guest on one of the first of the new issue-oriented GRITtv shows hosted by in-depth interviewer Laura Flanders. The show advertised the subject as “bottom-up approaches to fighting poverty with two acclaimed grassroots activists for economic justice,” Ethel and New York’s Ana Maria Archila.  Its ad noted that “these organizations do not ‘manage’ poverty, but rather challenge it by mobilizing the least economically fortunate to take power within their communities . . .”  You can watch this 15-minute segment on the Web.  Just go to http://blip.tv/file/906558.

Just a few days later, Ethel was interviewed about universal health care on the “Politics Plus” program on New York City’s WLIB 1190 AM radio.  The radio host, Mark Riley, got in touch with Ethel after reading one of her columns on the need for health care that leaves nobody out.  The columns ran on the website blackcommentator.com.

Working for Health Justice & Economic Security!,” by Ethel Long-Scott from WEAP, The Black Commentator, March 15, 2008.

On May 14, Heather McLaughlin and Nicole Martin from WEAP were interviewed about WEAP’s history, universal healthcare, the threat of the individual mandate, and WEAP’s upcoming Truth Commission by host Jael Myrick from STRONG on the Bay Area’s KCRH 89.9 FM radio.

Stop Gambling with your Health- Build a Health Justice Movement,” by Ethel Long-Scott from WEAP, The Black Commentator, March 10, 2008.

Now is the Time for Health Care as a Human Right,” by Ethel Long-Scott from WEAP,Minority Education & Employment Newspaper (MEENA), February 2008 (page 3).

Health Care in America: The Horror and the Hope,” by Helen Redmond, CounterPunch, November 28, 2007.


Citizens’ Hearing and Truth Commission on the Healthcare CrisisWEAP successfully broke the media blackout in California on the numerous citizen-run healthcare hearings. Coverage included The San Francisco Bay View, The Oakland Tribune, California Voice, Metro Reporter, KPOO, PCBS, KTVU, and was disseminated by the California Nurses Association to their affiliates nation-wide:

Oakland Forum Focuses on Crisis in Health Care,” by Josh Richman, Oakland Tribune, March 26, 2006 .

The Shame of the Nation: Why We Need Better Health Care and How to Get It,” by Ethel Long-Scott, San Francisco Bay View, March 22, 2006.

March for our Lives: Poor People’s Economic Human Rights!

Clamor Magazine article on WEAP

March for Our Lives, Sacramento, May 12, 2004.

March for Our Lives Press Release, May 12, 2004.

See this Website for more national news on PPEHRC: www.economichumanrights.org

Building Health Care for All!!”
Editorial by Ethel Long-Scott

“Close to Home” (link unavailable)- WEAP’s Social Justice work as a part of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign is spotlighted in the Ford Foundation’s “Close to Home,” a publication that presents 13 case studies of human rights work that is making life better for people in the United States.

Hungry Californians, a Question of Economic Human Rights,” Editorial by Ethel Long-Scott, Oakland Tribune, November 27, 2003.

Recall is no Joke for Working Californians,” Editorial by Ethel Long-Scott, Oakland Tribune, October 2003.

Homeless Activists Following MLK’s Lead,” Oakland Tribune, August 22, 2003.

Poverty Violates Human Economic Rights,” Editorial by Ethel Long-Scott, Oakland Tribune, August 20, 2003.

Revival of Rev. King’s March on Washington,” Oakland Post, August 17, 2003.

Essence Awards, Ethel Long-Scott honored as a Street Warrior. 2003 Awards Ceremony on Fox Television, June 27, 2003.


Media about the March:

Marchers Protest Closing of Summit Center Pain Clinic,” Oakland Tribune, November 2002.

Few Turn Out for March on City Hall,” Times-Herald, September 1st, 2002.

Marching for Family Rights,” Times-Herald, August 30th, 2002.

Hayward Activists Hope to Stamp Out Poverty,” The Daily Review, August 30th, 2002.

San Jose Mercury News, August 27th, 2002.

Bus Tour Campaigns for Right to Work and a Living Wage,” Oakland Tribune, August 2002.

Just Health Care” Editorial by Ethel Long-Scott, Oakland Tribune, February 7, 2002.

Care for All Urged,” The Sunday Sun, August 2001.

WEAP Program Teaches Skills to Underprivileged,” Oakland Tribune, The Argus, June 2001.

Misconceptions of Poverty,” San Francisco Bay View, March 2001.

Poverty a Human Rights Violation, Freedom Bus Tour Tries to Spread the Word,” Editorial By Ethel Long-Scott, Oakland Tribune, December 5, 2000.

Campaign Strives to Eliminate Poverty,” Merced Sun-Star, November 2000.


WEAP is on a Mission” The Oakland Tribune, October 25, 1999.

Payback Time in Oakland Entrepreneur Trains Local Youths for Telecom Jobs” The San Francisco Chronicle, July 23, 1999.

Insider Training: Frank Tucker saw all the raw talent he’d need ‘on the street corner’ every morning. Now they’re on his payroll,” INC Magazine, May 1999.

Challenges Remain In Moving People From Welfare to Work,” The Oakland Tribune, April 13, 1999.

Foundation Rips Status of Women in State,” San Francisco Examiner, March 19, 1999.

Low Income Women Celebrate New Family Center,” Oakland Post, March 14, 1997.

A Call to Action: A New Vision for America,” Essence Magazine, September 1996.

Poor Women Making History within the World of Computers,” BMUG Newsletter, Spring 1996.

Unlocking Access to Computer Skills,” The San Francisco Chronicle Open Forum.

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