WEAP Volunteer Opportunities

  • Fund Development Researcher/Assistant: Help build a movement! These volunteers will use their skills to help identify funding prospects, do research when appropriate for WEAP materials, and help draw up proposals grants and other funding opportunities.
  • Health Care and Human Rights Trainee: This volunteer will specialize in learning and trainingin WEAP’s vision and body of knowledge to assist WEAP and allies in communicating WEAP’s message
  • Institute for Justice and Economic Security (IJES) Intern:These volunteers will learn to and teach others in WEAP led Human Rights Education workshops and trainings as well as help update curriculum
  • Social Justice/Teach-In Assistant: These volunteers will assist with Social Justice and human rights training, outreach projects and various other tasks within WEAP. Volunteers should have already had Human Rights training and some outreach experience.
  • Speakers Bureau Participant: Be part of the speaking team for WEAP and represent human rights and healh care through the WEAP Speakers Bureau.
  • Web & Social Media Assistant: Help develop and/or update WEAP teaching tools including fact sheets and flyers, assist in regular website updates and e-newsletters and produce and execute plans for internet and social media applications.

WEAP owes a great deal of thanks to all team, volunteers and partners! Go WEAPette!

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