Civic Involvement

Civic Involvement

The following are a number of resources that can help increase your civic involvement.  Check them out, use them, and begin building a resident’s movement for health justice and the elimination of poverty!

1. Register to Vote

Are you registered to vote?  If not, find all the information you need to do so here!

2. Find Out About Your Local Representatives

To learn about where your Congressional Representative stands on important issues like health care, labor rights, human rights & civil liberties, corporate subsidies, the environment, and more, please visit Progressive Punch.

3. Contact Local Representatives

If you would like to write an elected official to let them know what you think, check out “e. the people” and they will help you accomplish this essential task. In order to write to them about the need for a universal, single payer health care system, first inform yourself by visiting WEAP’s Resource Links and browsing WEAP’s Fact Sheets. Also browse the incredibly helpful Lobbying Materials and Tools for Change provided by Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP).

4. Learn About Upcoming Elections

  • Visit to track the sources of candidates’ campaign finances.
  • See WebMD for health care election platform information.
  • For more general election news, check out CNN

5. Take Local Classes

If interested in increasing your knowledge and skills, check out the following local city colleges and progressive educational institutions:

East Bay Civicorps Schools
Mills College
The Peralta Colleges
St. Mary’s College of California
The University of the Poor

For a more comprehensive list of schools in Alameda County, including Adult Schools, please see the Alameda County Office of Education.

To view a wider range of schools in the greater Bay Area, click here.

6. Browse Local Job Listings

If interested in finding nonprofit organizations, jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and more that strive to create a world in which all people can lead free and dignified lives, then please visit

Also if searching for employment, view the following:

County of Alameda Human Resource Services
JobBank USA-Oakland

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