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Ashley Proctor – Human Rights Organizer

Ashley Proctor is currently a student at College of Alameda. She plans on breaking into the World of Medicine and Policies Work as she plans on getting her degree in Health Professions. At the tender age of 26, having a been on welfare, she has seen all of the injustices of the government public services system and how it treats our young mothers when they try to pursue their education. Ashley joined with LIFETIME to do organizing on these issues.

Austin Long-Scott – Human Rights Documentarian

Austin Long-Scott retired in 2011 after 29 years of daily journalism and 20 years of teaching journalism.  He describes his journalism career as “glorious,” focusing on social justice issues and politics as he traveled the country for The Associated Press, then the Washington Post, then the Los Angeles Times.  He was Metropolitan Editor of the Oakland Tribune in the mid-1980s spent two years as a daily TV reporter and was a Pulitzer Prize juror before joining the journalism faculty at San Francisco State University, where he received a Ph.D. equivalency for his lifetime of experience.  He was the first African American reporter ever hired full-time by the Associated Press.

Carolyn Milligan – Volunteer Staff – Special Projects Coordinator

WEAP Board Member Carolyn Milligan has spent her entire life fighting for a better life for working people, overcoming serious personal obstacles in the process. Born in Nashville, TN, to a mother who worked as a maid, she was raised by her grandparents on a hardscrabble Alabama farm where children had to work in the fields instead of going to school. After inadequate medical care, she gave birth to her quadriplegic daughter with cerebral palsy, and then moved to San Diego where she discovered that poverty and protests against poverty both had a long and strong history in the U.S. She and her daughter then moved to Chicago as committed activists, spending years organizing in anti-poverty movements and being arrested in takeovers of empty housing for homeless families. She moved to Oakland 20 years ago after becoming blind from inadequate medical care, which also forced her into kidney dialysis. “The most important part of my life is realizing that my poverty was not due to any fault of mine, but the basics of that was living under this economic system, capitalism,” she says.

Emma Denice Milligan – Volunteer Staff – Special Needs

Emma Denice Milligan has been active in social and economic justice movements pretty much all of her life.  She was born 44 years ago to a teenaged mother in Uniontown, AL. It was a home birth in a poor rural family without adequate medical care, and she was born with cerebral palsy.  She has never walked or had the use of her left arm.  Emma has worked on homelessness and youth issues in Chicago and Oakland, and volunteered as a receptionist, a teacher and a writer for WEAP.

Ethel Long-Scott – Executive Director

Ethel Long-Scott is Executive Director of the Women’s Economic Agenda Project, headquartered in downtown Oakland. For 40 years, in jobs that ranged from grassroots community organizer to non-profit CEO, she has pushed, poked, prodded and worked cooperatively with the political, economic and civic establishments on a mission to increase social and economic justice. She works tirelessly with labor and community groups to create visionary opportunities for creative social change where none seemed to exist. She believes in building broad social movements to create social change. She is one of the first recipients of Essence Magazine’s “Street Warrior.

Joyce Mills – Human Rights Monitor

Joyce Mills is a teacher, nurse and revolutionary from Oakland, CA. During much of her adult life, she has been active in the fight against poverty, and for health care reform. She has worked as a community health nurse and taught nursing and philosophy of science to nurses at the University level for over fifteen years and currently teaches political and historical studies locally and nationally with the Institute for the Study of the Science of Society (ISSS). She and her husband have and raised two boys in Oakland.

Rana Halpern – Associate Director

Rana Halpern grew up in the Bay area and started working with WEAP shortly after graduating from UC Berkeley in 1997. As Associate Director of WEAP she assists in developing curriculum, programming, fundraising and strategic planning. With over 15 years of experience in non-profit management, education, community and youth development, Rana turned her focus to empowering non-profits, small businesses and start-ups with the tools and resources to manage and sustain successful business models. Inspired by her long history in various social justice movements in the Bay Area and nationally, and her investment in the communities she is a part of, she consults with a network of organizations and businesses to assist in starting businesses or non-profits.

Sara Golden – Program Assistant 

Sara was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles until she moved to the Bay Area in 2010. She began working for social justice in the Bay as a campus organizer at Cal where she worked on the Clean Air, Clean Ports campaign in Oakland. She co-directed a youth empowerment organization between UC Berkeley and Richmond High School called Spread the Word, which aimed to increase the representation of underserved youth in higher education institutions. During her final year as a Political Economy major, she interned with WEAP and now works as a Development and Program Assistant for WEAP’s Institute for Economic Justice and Security.

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