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Women’s Economic Agenda Project

The Fight For Economic Justice and 

Human Rights in Oakland

The Women’s Economic Agenda Project (WEAP) has been an important community anchor in Oakland for more than 30 years: We build leaders among low-income women and communities of color with the goal of building power – power to access resources: affordable healthcare, quality and affordable housing, food, equitable and quality education, child care and livable wages.  For 35 years WEAP has created innovative programs, from education and training to advocacy and organizing, that empower poor women and communities of color to see themselves as agents of change.

Started in 1982, in response to President Reagan’s legislation to sharply reduce or eliminate welfare benefits, WEAP’s early efforts included direct action by mothers in response to welfare cuts, organizing with unions to push for improved working conditions and an increased minimum wage, and working with healthcare professionals to oppose clinic closures and advocate for a universal health care system.

From the beginning, WEAP has worked diligently to link up people across different struggles in order to strengthen the ability of poor women and communities of color to lead the fight themselves to reclaim their economic human rights, including faith leaders, unions, community centers, recovery houses, university campuses and neighborhoods.

Since health is connected to work, education and a family’s quality of life, WEAP began organizing on health care access and affordability with low and no income women in 2005.  Within one year, WEAP built a broad coalition of those affected by these health issues.  Working with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 1021 the California Nurses Association (CNA), and the San Jose Communication Workers of America (CWA), WEAP was able to expand its reach to more than 180,000 workers in California alone.  These alliances remain strong, and WEAP continues to widen its circle of influence by collaborating with new bold movements like Black Lives Matter.

Founded on a progressive vision that empowers poor women and communities of color to see themselves as vehicles for change, WEAP has been unique in the Bay Area.  As part of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, an international movement to advance economic human rights, WEAP is grounded in a global context. As hosts of the World Courts of Women in 1990, and the first ever U.S. Courts of Women on Poverty in 2012, WEAP has been at the forefront of the human rights movement.

WEAP has been a pioneer in economic development by and for low-income women and communities of color.  Since its inception, it has spearheaded grassroots empowerment and leadership development projects, led and hosted educational trainings, workshops, teach in dialogues, and train the trainer programs to low wage workers, and union leaders, published educational resource guides, developed advocacy and organizing tools and published numerous articles.  Most importantly, through its 35 years history, WEAP has built partnerships and solidarity with and amongst communities, and with more than 50 local organizations.

Today, Oakland is experiencing intense gentrification, numerous incidents of police brutality and persistent inequality. Given how fast and how many low-income communities and people of color have been evicted, pressured or policed out of their neighborhoods, WEAP’s work is as urgent today as it was in 1982.



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WEAP encourages those who can to give support financially. We know that many people are too busy and overworked in their own struggles to volunteer their time. Donations are a great way to still contribute and make a difference in the fight for poverty elimination and health justice.  Every donation helps WEAP continue to build and organize the social movement demanding economic justice for poor women and their families. We recognize our supporters at the following levels based on their annual giving total:

Annual Cost Monthly Cost

Regular $10 -$249                     $1 – $20

Regular: A donation of $1 – $250 will help pay for a couple of WEAP’s community based educational trainings around issues like Just Health Care and Leadership and Development.

Super $250 – $749                  $21 – $64

Super: A donation of $250 – $750 helps WEAP put together local educational community events like “Health Care is a Human Right” Teach-Ins, Town Hall Meetings, and Health Access Community Forums.

Premium $750 – $1,499              $65 – $124

Premium: A donation of $750 – $1,500 can help WEAP provide larger community, statewide, and national events, such as Freedom Bus Tours and our upcoming Truth Commission!

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Rocket Fuel: A donation of $1,500 and up will increase important WEAP resources and help pay for part and full-time staff members.

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