Updated: Opposition Emerges Right Off the Bat to A’s Laney Ballpark Plans


It’s been an open secret for months that the A’s want to build their new stadium on a site next to Laney College, but on Tuesday night, Athletics President Dave Kaval made it official. In a letter to Peralta Community College District Chancellor Jowel Laguerre, Kaval wrote that the Laney site is a “clear priority” for the team.

But at the Peralta district’s board meeting, students, faculty, staff, and other members of the public voiced nearly unanimous opposition to the A’s plan.

“It would be devastating for the low-income communities we serve,” said Kimberly King, a Laney faculty member. “We are hoping to prevent the A’s stadium.”

“I’m a deep, deep — it’s almost problematic what an A’s fan I am,” said Chris Weidenbach, an English teacher at Laney, before he explained why he’s opposed to a ballpark on or near the campus. He said it would massively disrupt the campus’ educational mission while gentrifying the neighborhood. “I can predict massive opposition,” he told the school’s board.

Laney student Jabari Shaw said a ballpark would change the tenor of the neighborhood, bringing party-goers, public intoxication, and numerous other problems to the campus.  Click here to read the full story by Darwin Bondgram.


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