All across the U.S.A. cell phone videos and social media reveal more and more of the atrocities routinely inflicted on powerless people. Police beat and kill unarmed young people, city authorities prey upon families in poverty with escalating fines for late bill payments, shutting off life-giving water to those too poor to pay. We see more criminalization of poverty, new ways of continuing the old Jim Crow policies of racism, justice denied to those who can’t afford lawyers, scapegoating of immigrants, wholesale removal of working class families under the name of gentrification. Peaceful protests are met with militarized force or prohibited entirely. Even democracy is attacked with appointed emergency managers usurping the power of local elected officials and laws making it more difficult to vote. Are these growing threats to our freedoms and human rights the society we want? What can we do?


The women’s Economic Agenda Project needs your help to keep teaching about this most important choice that faces us. Computer controlled electronic machines are replacing human labor in production. This could create inexpensive abundance for all, but instead it’s creating agony for working families. If the electronic revolution were focused on meeting human needs instead of creating record corporate profits, we could have a society where everyone’s basic needs are met, and where poverty is a thing of the past. Instead we are headed toward a society where only the well-off can afford the basic necessities of life. WEAP needs your help to teach about the New Jim Crow, about Corporate Dictatorship, about the escalating expansion of austerity, about attacks on the poor and public sector workers, and about how we need to fight for a better society for all. Take a moment and Donate Now RIGHT HERE:

Our vision of social and economic justice for all calls for the microchips that steadily destroy jobs to be put into the service of creating abundance for everyone, instead of record corporate profits. WEAP has never had the money to make our mission easy. We need funds to continue this path-breaking visionary work. If our vision of a better future looks good to you, please support this important work by clicking on the DONATE button above.  To read more about WEAP’s vision, click HERE.






Watch the video “Humans Need Not Apply,” a dramatic look at the future of work, and why we need a transformative movement to put what’s good for people ahead of what’s good for profits.

Free Rev. Edward Pinkney! Jailed like Martin Luther King for speaking truth to power! Request for appeal bond pending.

More than six months after Rev. Edward Pinkney was jailed for the “crime” of standing up for poor black workers, no appeals of his 2-1/2 to 10 year sentence have been granted by Michigan District Judge Sterling Schrock. Attorneys are about to ask for his release on bail pending another appeal. At age 66, Rev. Pinkney is seeking funds and supporters to fight his conviction by a tainted, all-white jury on no evidence. The African American activist was convicted of changing dates on mayoral recall petitions even though no evidence against him was produced at his October 2014 trial. Courtroom observers said Judge Schrock told the jurors they didn’t need evidence to find him guilty, suspicion was good enough. Judge Schrock rejected the argument that Michigan’s constitution requires evidence for a guilty verdict, as well as evidence that a juror lied under oath. Rev. Pinkney is now in prison in Coldwater MI, 15 hours from his home and family. Read how you can help HERE at the group he founded.

See why truthout called his conviction “a typical case of the white power structure icing an “uppity Negro” with trumped up charges” To read the latest People’s Tribune analysis, click hereWatch the video above to see supporters rally, including 2012 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.

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